About us

Social media is an extremely powerful way to engage the ideal audience and it is changing the way businesses markets themselves online and off. Social media marketing is a way to have a personal conversation with potential and current customers about your brand online. We are often asked by local UK businesses that how can they engage with the ever growing market of Chinese tourists and consumers. The most effective way is social media engagement but the lack of knowhow in both Chinese language and the Chinese local approach is very obvious. In the meantime, we are also seeing great interests from Chinese visitors; either it’s for a short tourism visit, for investigating business opportunities, or for children’s private education choices. The demand is substantial and it is growing fast.

NewSilkRoute was formed to meet the needs between the UK businesses who want to market themselves effectively in China, and the demands from Chinese consumers who are looking for great products or services that UK businesses have to offer.

We provide a tailored approach, not a “fit-all” format by talking to you face to face, listening to your needs, and most importantly, everything we do is created in collaboration with our office in China so that you can be confident that your message will be carefully understood and translated effectively.

If you are a blue-chip International enterprise with multi-billion turnover, who is willing to spend a big budget, we are not for you. We are here to help medium or small size businesses who are looking for help with a cost effective way of connecting with Chinese consumers. We are here to offer a long term, personal, and friendly partnership with you.

Who we are

NewSilkRoute has two divisions.

We call the first one the Strategy division. It is based in Bath and Somerset with 3 directors who are “hands on” in developing the strategy directly with our clients. Among the three, we hold a PhD degree in engineering, an Msc in International business management and an Msc in Software Engineering, and all three of us have had over 10 years professional experience in the UK at senior or director level across social media marketing & commercial web development, product management & international business development, and building/structure engineering. We are confident to say that we know a thing or two of how UK businesses operate, but mostly importantly, we were all born and raised up in China so we surely know how the other side of the planet works!

We call the second one the Operation division. It is based in Shenzhen, Southern China with an office of 15 staff. This is an established online sales/marketing company with access to web developers, copywriters, translators, graphic designers, as well as trading related professions such as import/export forwarders, printing firms, packaging firms etc. This division differs us and makes NewSilkRoute unique in the UK. Any strategies we formulate can be delivered quickly, precisely, and effectively as a package by our operation division, then it will be validated by our strategy division before being presented back to you.